About Us

About Us

Horses brought us together back in 1997. We became fast friends, spending our time at the barn riding horses, going to parties, eating junk food and doing all the things typical teenagers do. Over the years, we have maintained our friendship through all hurdles of life. Lucky for us, we have been able to maintain and grow our friendship through our mutual passion of nutrition and exercise. We love chatting about our latest food creations and what we are up to in the gym. We look forward to sharing all of this with you, too!

Carina’s Story

Growing up I was always an active kid. I grew up riding horses and participated in track, soccer, softball and would consider myself an athletic person.  Nutrition and even exercise were not really on my radar.  My dad cooked most nights when we were younger, and we mostly ate meat and veggies. 

As I got older and was allowed to make more of my own food choices, I definitely leaned more toward the fast food, going out to eat, and processed foods that didn’t require a lot of time to prepare.  I never really thought about whether that food was good for me or not, but it sure tasted good!  Over time my weight started to increase, and energy level decreased. I was in my 20’s and should have been in my best shape!

Marriage and babies soon came, and I was left not feeling great about the way I felt and the way I looked.  I wanted to have the energy to chase kids around and feel confident in my bikini. While I was still riding horses it just was not enough to keep in shape.  After my second baby at 30 I decided that now was the time to make a change.  I started exercising 5-6 days a week and started to watch my calorie intake.  The process was slow and I made little changes to start. For example: one of my favorite meals was 2 cheese enchiladas with ALL the rice and no beans, my switch was 1 cheese enchilada and ALL the rice and no beans. I know I know it was a start!

A couple years back I happened upon a podcast called Nutritional Weight and Wellness and it pretty much changed my life. The podcast broke down how food, vitamins and nutrients work in the body.  Learning and understanding how the food that we eat works inside our body was lifechanging for me. At the time my Dad was going through major health problems and I genuinely believe that a lot of those problems could have been helped if we could have changed his diet.  The hardest part was that he was in the “system” and the doctors had him on more meds than we could keep track of.

After he passed away, I vowed that I would do everything I could to NOT end up in the “system” and since then I have been learning as much as I can about food and nutrition.  I have spread the message of real food to whoever will listen, even our kids are learning about food and nutrition.  I want them to be involved in the growing, making and eating of our food and have basic understandings of how the food we eat can make us feel strong or make us feel sick.  These changes have even inspired the rest of our family to look at their lifestyles and make adjustments.

Nowadays I LOVE to cook healthy REAL food meals (with a little wiggle room). You will also find me riding horses, hiking, hanging out with friends and family or in the gym.  Jessica recently pushed me to try weightlifting and I am in love with the changes I am seeing on top of just feeling strong!  I look am excited to be involved in sharing my story and the lessons I am learning with you all.

Cheers to life with good food and good people!

Jessica’s Story

I started this fitness journey in 2015, one year after having my second baby. Growing up, I was a bean pole. The teenager that could literally eat anything. However, I don’t remember having a poor diet. Of course I had my fun eating out, but my weight was never on my mind.
I was always an active person. I grew up riding horses. Cleaning stalls, hauling hay and carrying water buckets was part of my daily life. In my 20’s I worked at a gym and loved taking group classes. I did a lot of running and even took a few dance classes. Anything I could do to stay active and have fun doing it!
After meeting my husband, I could feel my weight creeping up on me. I knew I didn’t look my best, but I kept giving myself excuses….”my metabolism is slowing down with age, I can’t have my 20 year old body forever” etc. But I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel by best. I was disappointed I didn’t look the way I used to.
After having two kids I knew it was time to make a change. I started doing CrossFit with a lifelong friend of mine, but I suffered from a knee injury and took some time off to recover. Next, I did Orange Theory, but the competitive nature was not good for me. I had to be the fastest one on that treadmill! Again, injured my knee. I was starting to feel like I wouldn’t be able to be active and workout. It scared me. I did physical therapy on my knees, but it still hurt anytime I tried to be active.
A good friend of mine introduced me to the world of workout apps that you can use for at home workouts. I knew this was where I needed to start my journey back to working out and healing my knees. I bought a full set of dumbbells and started working out every day. I pushed through the pain of my knee injury and it started feeling better! I soon grew out of my dumbbells and invested in some big girl weights and started writing my own programming.
I did my homework when it came to nutrition. I read tons of information on macronutrients, micronutrients, calories, surpluses, deficit, metabolism, and SO much more. My mom was a phenomenal cook and taught me as I grew up. I started to love the process of creating delicious meals, that were still healthy! It gave me a creative outlet, as well as a challenge.
Which brings me to this point in my life. Besties with Biceps. Where I can share my passion of fitness and food with my bestie and all of you!