Besties with Biceps 12 Week Fitness Challenge


This Besties with Biceps Challenge is 12 weeks of custom programming ranging from beginner, to advance. Whether you have minimal equipment, or a full-on mini gym in your garage, these workouts can give you gorgeous curves in all the right places. We also give you all the knowledge to calculate your own calories, so that once this challenge is over, you will be able to use all the things you have learned in the past 12 weeks to continue your weight loss journey. You might be asking why we don’t offer a meal plan. Well, we think it is so important to learn to eat what you love while fitting it into your daily calorie count. No more fad diets! No more yo-yo weight fluctuations! Lose the weight and keep it off forever!  To purchase our 12 Week Fitness Challenge click the add to cart button below.

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