Healthier Chicken Strips and French Fries – Cook with us!

The Back Story

When Jessica and I were in high school we LOVED to go to shari’s late at night. It was something fun we did at least once a week. We had just gotten our licenses and not getting much sleep at night didn’t seem to be an issue. Our go to meal of choice seemed to be the greasiest fried chicken strips and french fries. It wasn’t enough to have the fried greasy food but we needed the ranch and ketchup too!

As we have gotten older and more health conscious we have found that our “high school” food isn’t off limits. With just a few little tweeks these so called unhealthy comfort foods can be turned into healthy nutrient dense comfort foods.

We created this fun little video to show you exactly how we transformed this classic kids meal into a healthier “adult” version of nuggets and french fries! This is our first video so feel free to laugh at our expense but we had soooo much fun making this.

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